Flavors & Pricing
Since our cakes are one of a kind and designed just for you, it is hard to give you an instant quote.   Pricing varies depending on the number of guests and details of your design.    Our minimum order is $500.00.   We offer a maximum of two flavors paired with two different flavors of buttercream.    Additional costs will apply should you want to select more than two flavors.  There is a delivery and setup fee of $30 within 25 miles.  Tastings are by appt only for a fee of $25 per couple.   

Cake Flavors                                                        
 Vanilla Bean   -  Decadent Triple Chocolate  -  Red Velvet   -  White Chocolate & Walnut Praline  -  Caramel Swirl  -  Pumpkin Spice  -  Banana Nut  -  Strawberries & Cream   -  Lemon                                                 

Buttercream Flavors
Vanilla, Pistachio, Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese, Dulce de Leche, Coffee, Creme Bouquet, Chocolate, Lavender & more.

                                                  Special Fruit Glazes & Whipped Chocolate Ganache

We also offer our special fruit glazes made from fresh fruit to pair with fillings and Whipped Chocolate Ganache made with premium chocoalte.
Extra charges will apply.

Apricot                                              Whipped Chocolate Ganache  (Dark, Medium & White)


 Cinnamon Spiced Apple

The fruit glazes can also be added to the cake batter if desired for a delicious gourmet cake flavor.